Tony Bennis

Anger Management

What is anger? Why does anger lead many people to aggressive and unhealthy behavior? Does it have adverse physiological and psychological effects? Can we term all anger as negative?

Do you feel too irritable or on edge? Do traffic jams get you angry? Do your coworkers or boss easily anger you?

Untreated and uncontrolled anger can have very adverse effects on your physical, mental, and emotional health. It can take a toll on you and the people around you. Anger can also affect your relationships, career, family life, and even your general lifestyle.

In most cases, we suppress anger with the hope that it will not affect us and our relations, but that is not an effective way of dealing with it. You cannot ignore the emotion of rage forever—at one point, it will affect you. It's best if you recognize it, accept it, and deal with it. Put yourself in a position where anger does not run your life. Learn how to use the energy it gives in positively.

This book will help you to understand anger, guide you to identify your triggers of anger, and learn how to manage it. Managing anger can be very complicated if one does not have the right guidelines. To that end, this book uses a simple language to explain the helpful and unhelpful forms of anger. It also describes the steps that you can use to manage it.

Inside, you will find:

The definition of anger;An expression of anger;Understanding anger and smart anger;The causes, signs, and symptoms of anger;What is unmanaged anger;The cost of anger;Anger and mental health;The choice to manage anger;Steps to managing anger effectively;Anger management and communication;Selecting a good anger management program;The use of anger management techniques; andRelapses and medication.
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