Grace Goodwin

Matched and Mated

One woman. Two warriors. Two worlds. How will she choose?

Miranda Doyle has spent months in the arms of a mysterious Trion doctor. His hands are skilled at more than just healing, but their casual “friends with benefits” arrangement isn't enough for her. She wants it all, and the Interstellar Brides Program guarantees her not just a mate, but a perfect match.
Doctor Valck Brax is in love with Miranda, a human female who surrenders to his touch so beautifully. Finally ready to claim her forever, he resigns and returns to her with mating adornments in hand. But he's too late. Miranda is gone, half a universe away and in the arms of a fierce Prillon warrior.
Captain Trist Treval of Battlegroup Zakar is a cold and cunning fighter. Infamous for his unforgiving nature and calculating ways, war has been his life. Now, with three little words, “you've been matched,” everything changes. He'll destroy anything and everyone who tries to take his beautiful new mate from him, including the foolish doctor from Trion who arrives on the battleship claiming she belongs to him.
She's been matched, but who will she choose as her mate?
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    “The collars. We were saying, mate, in slang, that many women back on Earth would be willing to kill to get their hands on Prillon mating collars.”

    One of the officers I hadn’t noticed before leaned back in his seat and caught my eye as he spoke for the first time. “Give me the coordinates, Commander, and I shall set course for Earth at once. We wouldn’t want any females to suffer when we have an abundance of males willing to collar and claim them rather than waiting for their brides.”

    The commander now understood I was joking, but obviously the officer hadn’t. Commander Zakar shook his head
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    The commander cleared his throat, and while he looked down at Amanda with love in his eyes, his words were a reminder. “To spy on me, mate.”

    Surprised, I knew my head tilted to the side like a confused puppy’s, but I couldn’t help it. “You were a spy?” I asked, looking her over. She wore a pretty long dress in blue and looked nothing like a spy to me, although I had no idea what one looked like.

    “CIA,” she confirmed. “I was supposed to come out here, steal weapons technology and determine whether or not the Hive were a viable threat.”

    Holy shit. “What? The Hive a threat to Earth?” I’d heard of the Hive, of course. Everyone out here had, but I’d never seen one. Or been this close to the actual war. “I’ve never gotten near the fight. I was on Trion.” As if that explained it. “I haven’t seen one of them. Or been close to a battle. But being on a battleship…”

    Trist leaned down, whispered, “We may be on the front lines, but I vow to keep you safe.”

    Amanda’s dark brown eyes grew cloudy and she shuddered. “The Hive, they’re evil incarnate, Miranda.”

    The thought made me a bit queasy until Trist’s hand settled around my waist and he pulled me into his side. I noticed Commander Zakar did the same with his mate and she melted into him like she was part of him. So intimate and familiar. Their collars matched, a deep blue

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