Kate Angell

Sweet Spot

James “Law” Lawless is the star second baseman for the Richmond Rogues, the wildest group of free swingers ever to barnstorm their way through the big leagues. So when he hooks up with a seductive stranger at a costume party, it feels like he just hit the winning run of the World Series.
Extra Innings
Catherine “Cat” May was the hot number in that skimpy Wonder Woman costume. But she's not about to let Law know it--especially after he hires her to help him expand his off-the-field business empire. But how's she going to keep her identity secret when his every touch urges her to make him her very own. . .
Home Run Hero
“Hot, sexy and smart!” --Carly Phillips, New York Times bestselling author
Praise for Kate Angell and her novels
“Kate Angell is to baseball as Susan Elizabeth Phillips is to football. Wonderful!” — Sandra Hill, New York Times bestselling author
“Fast-paced. Fun characters. Play ball!” –Lori Foster, New York Times bestselling author
“You don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy Angell's sports romances. Her stories are delightful.” –RT Book Reviews
“No fan of the genre should miss Angell's surefire romances.” –Booklist
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