Sonia Riley

All-Natural Homemade Shampoo

Making Your Own Natural Shampoo Couldn’t Be Easier!

There are many benefits to making your own shampoo:

It is cheap and 100% natural
It is so simple and easy to make
You can customize the recipes to suit your hair needs
You will have a hair care product that does not contain laundry list of toxins found in many commercial products
Your hair is cleansed without drying and stripping of its natural oils
Hair growth is stimulated
You have a shinier and healthier hair
Hair moisture is maintained and
Your hair has its own captivating scent.

Recipes include shampoo for:

Dry hair
Oily hair
Normal hair
Frizzy hair
Hair pH level Balancing

Making homemade shampoo that is toxin and chemical free is not only of benefits to us but for the planet as well. With the addition of healing herbs, essential oils and the lack of chemicals, your hair will be effectively managed.

Included in this book are:

Useful tips for handling your hair problems like static
Extra recipes for your hair care treatment
Shampoo preparation and usage tips.

These recipes are SO AMAZING, you won’t ever imagine using anything else ever again!

What are you waiting for? Get your copy today!
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