Adela Gregory

Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe

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The shocking truth behind the death of an American icon—and the conspiracies that kept it secret for decades—in “the best autopsy of Marilyn Monroe” (Cyril H. Wecht, MD, JD)
In her tragically short life, Marilyn Monroe embodied American womanhood, innocence, and lust—both as a Hollywood star and in the shadows of her tormented soul.
But when she was found naked and dead on the morning of August 5, 1962, she became the subject of a mystery that has perplexed the world for generations. Was her death an accident? Suicide? Or murder?
In Crypt 33, two Los Angeles private investigators recount the startling evidence that may solve the case once and for all, finally revealing the truth about:
Monroe’s affairs with JFK and Robert Kennedy . . .The identity of the friend who allowed Monroe’s killers into her home . . .Evidence of the deadly drugs and how they were administered to the starlet . . .The rumors of an assassination plot masterminded by the Cosa Nostra and high-ranking government officials . . .The tangled web of wiretaps in Monroe’s home—and what happened to the audio tape recording of her murder . . . 
Now, at last, the truth of Monroe’s shocking death can be told in a book that “makes the hardest case yet that Marilyn was the victim of foul play” (Kirkus Reviews).
“Well and sympathetically told . . . Speriglio and Gregory are fluent, convincing writers.” —Publishers Weekly
Denne bog er ikke tilgængelig i øjeblikket
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