Elle London,Amanda Julio,Juliet Pellizon,Lovillia Hearst

Deflowered & Impregnated Bundle

Impregnated By My Best Friend’s Dad

Hollie goes to a concert, and finds herself stranded when her so called friend ditches her. She can't get a ride home, but thankfully her friend Sarah's mature and experienced dad is more than willing to pick her up.

Feeling tipsy and rebellious, it won't be long before Hollie convinces him to take her rough and without protection.

Deflowered By The Knights In Public

Fauqueshas been lusting after Ascelot since the day he was knighted, but as virile and shortsightedas he was, even he knew that the King’s daughter was off limits.

That is, until a rare opportunity presents itself to finally have her as his willing prize — a fight, to the death. When the situation doesn’t go to plan, he finds he might have to share what he won, even if it means taking what he desperately lusts forin front of everyone she knows.

He’s never been one to share, but he can make an exception for this.

Knocked Up By The Duke

The Duke's beautiful wife is barren and he's in desperate need of an heir. Through a stroke of luck there is a beautiful young woman working for his household who looks just like his wife, innocent and submissive young Elle.

When Elle is summoned into the Duke's chambers and greeted by him and his wife with the shocking request to allow herself to be impregnated, she is shocked. However the incredibly powerful Duke has ways of persuading her…

Impregnated By The Emperor

Antonina has only known life as a lower class citizen in ancient Rome. A night of fitful rest in a luxurious bed is interrupted by the intrusion of a man she recognizes instantly, with the Emperor making it very clear why she’s been brought to him.
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