Introducing Slavoj Zizek, Piero, Christopher Kul-want
Piero,Christopher Kul-want

Introducing Slavoj Zizek

Charting his meteoric rise in popularity, Christopher Kul-Want and Piero explore Zizek's timely analyses of today's global crises concerning ecology, mounting poverty, war, civil unrest and revolution.

Covering topics from philosophy and ethics, politics and ideology, religion and art, to literature, cinema, corporate marketing, quantum physics and virtual reality, Introducing Slavoj Zizek deftly explains Zizek's virtuoso ability to transform apparently outworn ideologies — Communism, Marxism and psychoanalysis — into a new theory of freedom and enjoyment.

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Odin Klaus
Odin Klaushar citeretsidste år
In the 1970s, Žižek became part of a significant group of Slovenian scholars working on the theories of the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan (1901–81), and together they founded the Society for Theoretical Psychoanalysis in Ljubljana. This society, among whose best-known members are Mladen Dolar (b. 1951) and Žižek’s second wife Renata Salecl (b. 1962), established editorial control over a journal called Problem!.

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