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    BTS are seven very talented boys from South Korea who make music that the whole world has come to love.
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    TS are one of many K-pop groups, but what’s remarkable about them is that they’re a K-pop group unlike any other in the history of Korean entertainment culture. BTS are unique because they’ve succeeded without the backing of a major music company, the members of the group contribute to the writing and production of their own songs and, most notably, they’re not afraid to talk about their aspirations and their anxieties, and to be the voice of their generation.
    This book charts the rise of BTS. From seven boys with seven dreams to one superstar group of young men who achieved a shared vision of global success, BTS: Icons of K-Pop will demonstrate just how they reached such remarkable heights, all while singing and rapping in a language many probably don’t understand. The songs are an irresistible combination of catchy and emotional, and the dances are simply awe-inspiring. The book will also look at the background to BTS’s music, detail exactly what it’s like to see BTS live and which big names BTS have met along the way. And then, of course, there are the haircuts and the clothes. Welcome to the world of Bangtan!
    The book will also look at the band’s incredible fan base. ARMY are one of the most – if not the most – informed, dedicated and unified fandoms in the world. Not only are they vociferous about their love for the group, but they translate lyrics and interviews, have helped BTS win awards and have created an online community that reflects the ideals of
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    They ask their listeners to run with them, not to be afraid to live, to embrace the fire and burn everything up – with passion, desire, risk and ambition
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    Their story is part of BTS’s story, and neither would be the same without the other.

    BTS are also known for their huge online presence, one of the highlights being their Bangtan bombs. These short videos are full of shared jokes or offer brilliant insights into the life and times of BTS, and a number of these are recorded in these pages.
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    they are very much the pride of each group.

    The launch of the act, usually on one of the weekly music shows, is known as their ‘debut stage’. This is a massive moment for new groups. The company will have been preparing the ground for months, releasing teaser photographs of members, setting up social media accounts, posting preview performances and even starting a fan club. The passion of K-pop fans is an essential element in sustaining a successful act. Interaction with fans through social media and fan meets can quickly garner the most dedicated and loyal support. These fans are often given an official name by the group, have their own forums and create an incredible atmosphere at concerts. The group Twice named their fan club Once, BIGBANG have VIP and, of course, BTS have ARMY.

    her grubun gururudurlar.

    Genellikle haftalık müzik şovlarından birinde sahnenin lansmanı, 'ilk sahneleri' olarak bilinir. Bu yeni gruplar için büyük bir an. Şirket aylardır zemini hazırlıyor, üyelerin teaser fotoğraflarını yayınlıyor, sosyal medya hesapları kuruyor, önizleme performansları yayınlıyor ve hatta bir hayran kulübü kuruyor olacak. K-pop hayranlarının tutkusu, başarılı bir eylemin sürdürülmesinde önemli bir unsurdur. Sosyal medya ve hayran buluşmaları aracılığıyla hayranlarla etkileşim, en özel ve sadık desteği hızla toplayabilir. Bu hayranlara genellikle grup tarafından resmi bir isim verilir, kendi forumları vardır ve konserlerde inanılmaz bir atmosfer yaratırlar. Grup iki kez taraftar kulübüne bir kez isim verdi, BIGBANG'ın VIP'si var ve tabii ki BTS'nin ORDUSU var.

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    Kanye West’s ‘Power
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    Rookie King, Run BTS! and BTS Gayo
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    Knowing Bros and Weekly Idol,
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    Inkigayo, Music Core, Music Bank, M Countdown, Show Champion and The Show Choice
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    . ARMY are one of the most – if not the most – informed, dedicated and unified fandoms in the world.
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