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The Great Cleric: Volume 3 (Light Novel)

Change is coming for the Church of Saint Shurule, and Luciel’s first act as an S-rank healer is one that promises to shake the very foundations of the healing profession. But leave it to the ignorant masochist to find himself once again in way over his head in the process. The shoes that he’s inadvertently stepped into—those of his legendary predecessor—won’t be easy to fill, and the whole “imprisoned dragons” debacle continues to loom over the hapless young man as he struggles to move forward. But as they say, preparation is key. Leadership, an ever-growing harem of old men, and backyard barbeques are just some of the trials that await this unusual protagonist as the next chapter of Saint Weirdo's path to greatness begins.
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Matthew Jackson
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    hapter 4: The Healer Who Changed the World
    01 — The Words of the Founder
    Ten days had passed since I’d become an S-rank healer. Ten long days...yet nothing about my routine was all that different, although that might have been because I hadn’t done all that much to begin with. The biggest change was probably my inability to leave Headquarters unattended now. Wherever I went, someone needed to be with me, and Jord had volunteered for the task with suspicious enthusiasm. Almost as if he’d been waiting for the chance all his life.

    Speaking of Jord, he was currently standing in my room once again.

    “Leaving again today, Mister Luciel?”

    “Yeah. It’s not like I have anything better to do. Don’t have any real work even with this new S-rank status, so I’m planning on doing what I normally do.”

    “Oh. Is that all?” he asked, the spark quickly leaving his eyes.

    “Um, that’s all. Also, this whole S-rank thing is just a title. I’d really appreciate it if you could talk with me like you used to. You don’t need to wait until we’re outside.”

    “Perish the thought, my good sir! You never know who might be listening.”
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