Olivia Hampshire

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Harvard graduate, Lucy Gill just got the job of her life time. She became the 6 p.m. Anchor, news person for the Fact News Network in Atlanta, Georgia. She came from small town Yazoo, Mississippi, to big Atlanta earning $700,000 a year. Her new boss, Patty Waters, station general manager helped her buy a new Mercedes, a house, and introduced her to all of the movers and shakers in town. The strange thing was that Patty Waters helped all of her bombshell, female news stars make big money, and go big in debt. Once they were big in debt, Patty had other things she wanted them to do. Not only them, but their daughter's too.

“This is the first time in my life I have read this storyline. I have seen it forever with men at the top, but in this book, it took a totally different twist and I was really surprised. The whole book was very strange, yet wonderful in a way I do not ever experiencing.” Jenny, Gaithersburg, MD

“Wow! What a roller coaster ride that was. I wish this were a television series. I just love Debbie Brown and Harriet Rothchild. This should be a movie for sure.” Karen, San Diego, CA

“Thanks again Olivia Hampshire for making me cry at the end of one of your books. You always come through with a 5 star adventure. You never let me down.” Madiline, Madison WI

“That was a real shocker. That was as shocking as the Catholic Church and the priest. That was more shocking than Penn State. Did I say shocking? It just got worse and worse and worse. And the ending. I will just shut my mouth about the ending. Let me just say that justice was served.” Jennifer, NY, NY
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