Glynn Owen Barrass

In the Court of the Yellow King

There was once a play with the power to drive you mad… or to transport you into the bizarre world of Carcosa, and the King in Yellow. Banned, burned, yet never totally destroyed, the play lives on, eating away the fabric of society and rotting the veneer of civilization…
Come and enjoy new visions of the King, expanding and deepening the fragments glimpsed in the award-winning True Detective television series, penned for your delight by a host of master scribes eager to guide you to a new world of delirium, despair, and madness.
Featuring stories by:
Glynn Owen Barrass
Tim Curran
Cody Goodfellow
T.E. Grau
Laurel Halbany
C.J. Henderson
Gary McMahon
William Meikle
Christine Morgan
Edward Morris
Robert M. Price
W.H. Pugmire
Stephen Mark Rainey
Pete Rawlik
Brian M. Sammons
Lucy Snyder
Greg Stolze
Jeffrey Thomas
and a stunning cover by Daniele Serra!
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