Laura Lovecraft

Mom's All Yours

all yours” is a special day James' mother created when he was a kid; one day a year Mom does whatever he asks her to. Recently James has tried to tell
her he's outgrown it, but ends up having a good time anyway. Now 19, James
wants to avoid the day because what he now wants from his mother she would
never do. Or will she? This year ‘Mom's all yours’ is going to take on a whole
new meaning!

~~~~~  Excerpt

She removed her hand and stepping back from me sighed, “It’s
a shame, James. You say you’re too old for things we used to do, but you’re not acting old enough for the things you really want me to do.”

“What do you think I want you to do?”

Rolling her eyes, mom shook her head, “I’m not going to let
you off the hook that easy. You have to tell me, James.”

She looked at me expectantly and my eyes wandered up and
down her body. Was she really offering? What if she was and my playing safe was going to take me right out of making a dream come true?

As if reading my mind, she smiled, “I see it on your face,
honey,” She laughed and stared pointedly at my crotch “And other places, all you have to do is ask.”

I took a deep breath, but couldn’t take the plunge. I wanted
to kick myself because mom was right, I was acting like a nervous little kid,
but in my defense telling your mother you wanted to have sex with her wasn’t
like asking to go see a movie.

“Honey, ask yourself something.” She spread her arms out,
“Would I have dressed the way I did this morning if I didn’t want you to look?
I was hoping that would show you it’s okay.”

“What is?” I tried again.

“Last chance.” She said firmly, “You don’t start acting like
a man a telling me what you want, I’m going to leave and you can take care of that,” She pointed between my legs, “Yourself and think about what you missed
out on.”

She sighed, “If that’s not a green light, I don’t know what
is, but it’s your last chance.”

She stared at me for a moment and with a look of disappointment
on her face, her shoulders slumped and she turned to leave the room, “Sorry,
honey, maybe I was wrong.”

“Take your shoes off.” I blurted out to stop her from

She turned to face me again, “My shoes?”

“Yeah.” I nodded, trying to sound confident, “Take your
shoes off for me, its what I want.”

“Whatever you want.” Mom gave me a sexy little smile that
caused my cock to twitch and more importantly made me think this was for real.

Mom lifted her legs one at a time, bending them at the knee
to remove her heels and toss them next to my desk. “This better?” she playfully
wiggled her toes at me and I noticed they were painted the same shade of blue
as her fingernails and blouse.

“It is.” I nodded, then took the plunge, “Now take your
shirt off.”

“Ohh, you are a bad boy, aren’t you, James?”

As she spoke she began unbuttoning her blouse and my heart
raced in excitement. Mom undid the last button and slowly slid the shirt off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

“Now what?” She asked.

Her voice was lower than it had been before and her breasts,
barely contained in the low cut, tight black tank top, were rising and falling
with her noticeably faster breathing. Holy shit, she was excited too!
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