Judy Meyers

Female Orgasm Trainer

A good understanding of the female orgasm is essential for women as well as the men who care about them. Women are endowed with a rich potential for sexual pleasure that is rarely fully explored. The Female Orgasm Trainer will provide you with all you have always wanted to know about the female response cycle. Women will learn how to experience sexual satisfaction like never before and men will learn how to ensure they always get there!
It includes:
* Finding and effectively stimulating the female hot spots, including the G-spot;
* Special emphasis on handling the breasts and vulva;
* A roadmap to the basic types of female orgasm;
* A chapter on practical ways for men to constantly give orgasms to their wives or girlfriends by totally   awakening their bodies;
* Multiple orgasms, Female ejaculation and Sex toys;
* A detailed chapter on different ways of optimizing female orgasm, so you can tremble with intense pleasure   whenever you are with a partner or during solo sex.
This book will hold your hand and take you through a step by step journey into the world of female sexual pleasure. You will learn new moves and receive information about avoiding mistakes in the bedroom, getting to your first orgasm (if you've never had one) and maximizing every moment of your sexual experience.
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