Charles Dickens

Wreck of the Golden Mary

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    Karina Petersenhar citeretfor 3 år siden
    and all the crying of the passengers below, that there was a pause. “Are you ready, Rames?”— “Ay, ay, sir!”—“Then light up, for God’s sake!” In a moment he and another were burning blue-lights, and the ship and all on board seemed to be enclosed in a mist of light, under a great black dome.
    Karina Petersenhar citeretfor 3 år siden
    was in the West Indies, trading among the Islands. Being in command and likewise part-owner of a smart schooner, I had my work cut out for me, and I was doing it. Consequently, gold in California was no business of mine.
    Karina Petersenhar citeretfor 3 år siden
    that I was born at Penrith half a year after my own father was drowned, and that I am on the second day of this present blessed Christmas week of one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, fifty-six years of age.

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