Alvin Brown

Journey to Personal Greatness

Get on track for a lifetime of personal greatness with this guide to achieving—and maintaining—peak performance.
As the CEO and founder of The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance, Alvin Brown has helped countless individuals discover their personal power. In Journey to Personal Greatness, he provides a blueprint for a life of balance and self-mastery, so you can get the most out of your health, family, and career.
Journey to Personal Greatness will teach you how to balance the six life essences: mental, emotional, physical, chemical, material, and spiritual. When you learn to integrate mind, body, and soul, you will discover that you have the energy and power to make “whatever you affect that much better when you leave.” In simple, practical steps, Brown helps you leave behind the fast-paced treadmill of life, and step onto the track of life change.
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