Scott Hildreth

The Gun Runner

A former marine turned gun runner plays a deadly game of passion with a mafia boss’s daughter in this sexy romantic thriller.
Former marine Michael Tripp used to take down terrorists on the front lines. Now he’s in the business of bad—selling guns on the black market to the highest bidder. The lowlifes who tread on his turf never last long. Not even the Sicilian Mafia makes him blink. But from the first time he laid eyes on Terra, he knew there was more to life than moving merchandise. As far as Tripp is concerned, the gorgeous Mafia princess is his now . . . and no one threatens what’s his.
Growing up around criminals and liars, Terra has seen plenty of trouble in her young life. Now she wants out. Unfortunately, her father has other plans. And what her father wants . . . he gets. Terra knows how dangerous Tripp is. Both his underworld reputation and her overwhelming attraction to him are reasons enough to stay away. But once her true intentions—and true identity—are known, Tripp is the only one who can save her.
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