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Tina E. Bernard

Mastering Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used programs in the world and across all of the different business industries. Because of this, many people who use Microsoft Excel regularly don't even know what it is fully capable of. This is the start to discovering the full potential. Mastering Microsoft Excel 2016 will help guide you!

Inside this guide, you will find an introduction into Microsoft Excel that is aimed at a beginner, or someone who wants to improve his or her Microsoft Excel skill. This is the best place to start if you have always been curious, but were too afraid to ask for help, for seeming like you were out of touch. Inside this guide, you will find many time-saving tips and shortcuts, like how to switch between relative and absolute cell references in less than a second.

Excel is a must-have skill in the ever-growing data intensive business world. Do yourself a favor and put the time and the effort into learning the basics first, so that you have a good foundation in order to enter data more efficiently, manipulate cells or worksheets, and format to present data in an easier to understand fashion. Stop wondering and take action now! You will not regret the time you spend listening this book!

Inside, you'll learn how to:

Get to know ExcelEntering or editing data

Entering text and numbers

Entering data into multiple cells at once

To copy data from one cell to another

Entering time or a dateHow to enter a sequence of numbers

Using basic formulas and functionsSome useful functions

Switching between absolute and relative cell references

Manipulating cells

Adjusting default settings

To display more information in a cell at one time

To create a drop-down list

To insert columns and cells

To delete rows, cells or columns

Manipulating worksheets
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