Rudolf Steiner

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment

This book is a manual for the attainment of knowledge of higher, more spiritual worlds. It opens new perspectives on the essential tasks of life. Not everyone can immediately achieve spiritual vision, but the discoveries of those who have it can be health-giving life nourishment for everyone. This process is facilitated by this manual. From 1899 until his death in 1925, Steiner articulated an ongoing stream of experiences that he claimed were of the spiritual world – experiences he said had touched him from an early age on. Steiner aimed to apply his training in mathematics, science, and philosophy to produce rigorous, verifiable presentations of those experiences. Steiner believed that through freely chosen ethical disciplines and meditative training, anyone could develop the ability to experience the spiritual world, including the higher nature of oneself and others. Steiner believed that such discipline and training would help a person to become a more moral, creative and free individual – free in the sense of being capable of actions motivated solely by love.
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    spiritual training may be described as consisting of three stages: (1) Probation; this develops the spiritual senses. (2) Enlightenment; this kindles the spiritual light. (3) Initiation; this establishes intercourse with the higher spiritual beings.
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    When, by means of meditation, man rises to be united with the spirit, he brings to life the eternal in him, which is limited by neither birth nor death.
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    e will soon cease to feel that this thought-world is less real than the everyday things which surround him. He begins to deal with his thoughts as with things in space, and the moment approaches when he begins to feel that which reveals itself in the silent inward thought-world, to be much higher, much more real than the things in space. He discovers that something living expresses itself in this thought-world.

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