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    Nurgul Tokzhanovahar citeretfor 9 måneder siden
    Are you giving them, not an ideology, but a way of looking at the world, an ethos, something that reflects your own ideas?

    Paul: Not consciously. But in a startup, you're sort of in a small sinking boat in a storm, and you really have to focus. So we tell people how to make a startup not die. We tell them exactly what to do. And inevitably, that reflects some kind of view of the world. That it’s all about pragmatism. You don't have to be a complete goody two shoes. And above all, speed.

    Robert: Speed.

    Paul: Speed, actually speed and empathy. Empathy with the users and speed in reacting to their needs. You want to be like a highly reactive chemical. And so the user has certain needs that have a certain shape, and you can never predict in advance what they are. So what you do is you make something that looks roughly the right shape, and you push it against the user, and some parts don't fit. You shave off the bits that don't fit, and eventually, after a bunch of iterations, you have a mold. And then it just fits everybody, because users aren't that different from one another.
    Nurgul Tokzhanovahar citeretfor 9 måneder siden
    So, Y Combinator is sort of breaking the economic rules.
    Nurgul Tokzhanovahar citeretfor 9 måneder siden
    That’s why we’re doing it. And so the reason we’re scaling is because we want to make the hack work. We want to have thousands of startups all over the place doing all kinds of exciting things

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