Courtney Beck

Conversations with Krishna

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In a world consumed by darkness, Krishna sheds light on how to save ourselves and our planet.

Containing 111 standalone topics on everything from how the universe was created to beautiful, yet practical advice on life, love, pain and suffering, Conversations with Krishna is a life changing and inspiring manual for life on Earth as we were destined to live. 

«Conversations with Krishna is a book destined to be born for some time now, even though time itself does not exist on our plane. It is filled with millenniums of knowledge, stories and our original philosophy on how life on Earth was destined to be lived.
We have strayed from the path of our original creation, destroying the Earth and ourselves in the process. Take this knowledge, read it, absorb it, let it change your ways and share it. We can and we must deconstruct the complex Earth we have created in order to grow a new Earth where all creatures are equal. This is my story. I am Krishna.»

Conversations with Krishna is a channeled text, told by Krishna, channeled by Courtney Beck.
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