Vadym Zubakhin

Lerne Russian Language with Second Russian Reader

A private detective finds himself on an unexpected journey, pursuing the girl he's in love with. As a former air force pilot, he's about to encounter aspects of human nature that challenge his understanding. Join us on this adventure, perfect for readers in Russian language at the Elementary and Pre-intermediate levels, as we explore the complexities of love and the human spirit. The method utilizes the natural human ability to remember words used in texts repeatedly and systematically. Sentences from previous chapters are brought back around so you do not forget them. This incremental learning makes it easy to progress. The sentences are relatable and practical so you're learning useful Russian vocabulary and sentence structures. There is vocabulary for each chapter at the beginning so you can become familiar before you start and can refer back to easily. With the English translation on the same page, you can effortlessly learn what any unfamiliar words mean. You can quickly pick up new Russian vocabulary and phrases that are used over and over in the book. As you read the book, your brain begins to remember words and phrases simply because you are exposed to them several times. You do not even realize, until you must recall what you have learned, that you have already learned the new words and phrases. The audio tracks are available inclusive online. With the help of QR codes, call up an audio file without manually entering web addresses. Twenty minutes a day is the rule for success!
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