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Sam Reddington

Self Help CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy Training Course & Toolbox

The Ultimate Resource That Will Finally Help You Take  Control Of Your Personal Demons!

Emotional and negative thinking habits, keeping you miserable? Negativity literally crushing your soul?

Are you tired of negative thinking and having those icky feelings, such as anxiety, sadness, anger and many others?

What if I told you, you can fix all your issues without spending a ton of money or needing to go to a therapist!

The big problem, sufferers faced up to this point is that they’ve had to choose from medications, going to expensive therapists, spend a ton of money on self-help materials, or even worse-— ignore the problem and hope it goes away!

I`m excited to tell you that now you can avoid all that expense and hassles, while having the tools to fix your mental and emotional issues, using CBT and the different complementary resources I'll be sending you. CBT is great and all, but it may not be enough. And I also still recommend professional help to those who really need it!

Hi, I`m Sam, and for the previous 20 years I've delved deeply into researching and learning the tools and skills to achieve phenomenal success in terms of self-help and management and control of one's emotions and bad thinking patterns. CBT is just one of many tools available to us.

I wanted to let you know, the same strategies and methods (attacking the problem from many different angles) has helped countless sufferers take back control of their lives! I`ll help you achieve your goals and help you to retrain your brain (and emotions) in order to catapult you to levels of success you never thought possible.

You`ll find that what makes this 2021 update unique from any other CBT book  out there is that it's the only one that will not restrict you to just one system or paradigm. This CBT book  is powerful enough to stand on its own, but it can be exponentially more powerful if used with other systems and techniques.

This Self-help CBT book will give you the necessary knowledge and tools, but along with it, you will have many other resources that you can use alongside. The more resources you have, the more ways you can solve a particular problem. I'm going to give you every possible resource to help you achieve the outcome you desire.

A few sample chapters

The Basics Of Cbt:  You Feel The Way You Think:
The Link Between Thought And Feeling:
A Look At The Types Of Beliefs Using The Abc Format:
Catastrophe Thinking:
All Or Nothing Mentality:
Generalization Thinking:
Refocusing Your Newly Found Awareness:
Definition Of Problems And Goal Setting:
Facing Fear And Anxiety, Destroying Depression And Overcoming Obsessions:
Overcome Low Self Esteem And Cool Your Anger
Before you make your decision, just know that you are entitled to get your money back if you don't achieve your desired results! And you still get to keep all the bonuses for free.

Let`s be honest, this is an easy decision. You'll achieve your desired outcome, get a ton of freebies, audios, videos, books, articles on a continual basis (sent via email), all for just the price of coffee? Crazy right!

Please remember that this has only become possible with the 2021 book update!

Get it today!
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  • Allegrahar citeretfor 2 år siden
    Finally, to deal with an obsessive disorder, retrain your mind to focus on something else other than your appearance or subject of obsession.
  • Allegrahar citeretfor 2 år siden
    Being obsessed means being overly preoccupied with negative thoughts, which then leads to compulsive actions.
  • Allegrahar citeretfor 2 år siden
    do not procrastinate and deal with any feelings and care for yourself

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