Anthony Ekanem

Save Your Marriage

If you are having trouble with your marriage, you are not alone. Every marriage has its ups and downs. These problems could range from simple misunderstandings to larger concerns. Many issues of marriage are due to personal problems that one or both spouses may be going through (such as losing a parent), more traditional problems between the couple themselves (such as the couple losing touch with each other because they are too busy with children, jobs, and other responsibilities), and sometimes even outside influences (such as money problems due to a lost job).
Many times in this modern and complex society, the problems with a person's marriage are a combination of all three types of problems. Moreover, marriages change over the years as both you and your spouse evolve. As the years go by, you both will go through your individual ups and downs as well and these individual changes can affect your relationship with each other. These changes are normal and expected in any long term relationship. Nevertheless, if you feel that the issues of your marriage are more serious than the regular ups and downs associated with a long term relationship, do not despair. There is hope; even for the most dysfunctional of marriages.
There are numerous solutions that may work for your marriage, including therapy, setting time aside for each other and yourselves as individuals, and even simply taking up hobby. Many marriages have been saved with combinations of the solutions that will be discussed here. Saving your marriage is not just about ensuring that you and your spouse get along well with each other. It is also about taking care of yourselves as individuals as well. It is vital that you take care of and nurture yourselves as well. For this reason, many couples find that participating in both couple's therapy as well as individual therapy is the best route to working through their marital problems.
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