Museographs: Shaker Design, Caron Caswell Lazar
Caron Caswell Lazar

Museographs: Shaker Design

Escape to the perfect world! A world where prejudice is passé, order is normal, and function is favored. This is the world of the Shakers.
Best-known as an eighteenth-century utopian religious community, and often liken to the Amish, few are aware of the many accomplishments that are distinctly Shaker. Shakers have excelled as architects and chemists, craftsmen and inventors. During a twenty-five-year heyday they had a hand in everything from circular saws to textiles, decorative boxes, and home furnishings. Museographs' Shaker Design explores the depth of some of their many achievements. It preserves the integrity and uniqueness of the community dispelling misconceptions about these God-fearing few.
A special focus on the dearly loved and ever recognizable Shaker chair celebrates technical precision, beauty and variety that stands as a testament to God's presence in both Shaker lifestyle and in Shaker art.
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