Carol Marinelli

A Shameful Consequence

A Greek tycoon shares a passionate encounter with an innocent, jilted bride in the USA Today–bestselling author’s sexy international romance.
Nico Eliades is back on the idyllic Greek island of Xanos to uncover long-buried family secrets. But as focused as he is on his personal investigation, he can’t help but notice a beautiful bride in a crumpled wedding dress sitting on the steps of his hotel.
Constantine’s orchestrated marriage is over before the wedding night. A humiliated virgin bride, she longs to feel desired, and at Nico’s skilled hands she experiences white-hot passion. But their one night brings more than just shame on Constantine and her family. . . .
Constantine has no choice but to reveal her bombshell news to Nico—yet still her fingers tremble as she dials the number for Eliades Enterprises. . . .
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