Shirley Baldwin

Get What You Want from Your Man

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In Get What You Want from Your Man, success coach Shirley Baldwin reveals the secrets of how men think, what they truly want in a relationship, and what makes them want to give everything of themselves to a woman.Addressing the common issues in relationships, Shirley helps women realize that by understanding the needs of their man, changing their perception, and shifting how they act in the relationship, they have the power to create whatever they want. Get What You Want from Your Man is written by a woman, for women, yet includes both men’s and women’s perspectives to help women of all ages and stages of relationship. Whether readers have been in a relationship for 50 years, or haven’t yet begun one, Shirley holds their hand along the journey and helps create a permanent change in how women see and relate to their man, so they can get way more from him than ever thought possible. Best of all, this is all accomplished without encouraging manipulation, head games, or women losing themselves in the process of creating the relationship of their dreams.
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