Judy Ford

Wonderful Ways to Love a Child

A Powerful Lesson on Unconditional Love and How to Raise Happy ChildrenThis collection of essays offers a gentle guide on how to put a parent's love into daily actions. A parent’s calling is to raise a person. By making loving actions part of your life, you have the power to build the kind of family unit most people long for. Wonderful Ways to Love a Child is filled with true stories of parents and children who are nurturing strong and loving families. The book provides the support that empowers you to be the parent you want to be and expands your parenting skills.
No simple tricks. Cultivating a loving relationship with your child demands integrity, compassion, and emotional honesty. It is a forever commitment to continuous loving actions–even when you are too tired. This low-stress approach to positive parenting produces happy children with high self-esteem. This is how children succeed.
A perfect gift for new parents. Wonderful Ways to Love a Child is a prescription to strengthen family bonds that will last a lifetime. There are many different parenting styles–this one is based in love and logic, and positive discipline. Learn to put yourselves in your children’s shoes–and have fun in the process.
In this book you’ll discover guides to:
Loving yourself and allowing your child to love themselvesGiving the gift of your presence and being open to the miracle of transformationSaying yes as often as possible, and knowing when to say noTeaching that all feelings are acceptable and making room for the CrankiesDelighting in silliness by laughing, dancing and singing togetherTeaching values by exampleOther essential tools to ensure a loving, lasting friendship with your children–and make them want to come visit when they are olderIf you enjoyed parenting books such as How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and How to Listen so Kids Will Talk1–2–3 Magic, or Parenting with Love and Logic, you’ll love Wonderful Ways to Love a Child.
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