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The Basic Supplement Guide for Strength Training

The Basic Supplement Guide for Strength TrainingIn the book “The Basic Supplement Guide for Strength Training” you will learn the basics of dietary supplements for strength and muscle building. Best strength supplements for weight lifting and best supplements for muscle growth for men. Natural supplements for bodybuilding.
Whey, what's that? Who needs it?How Whey ingest protein and how to dose Whey?Why with dextrose and with water? Why after the training?What is Whey Isolate?
What is vitamin D3? Where do you get vitamin D3 from?What is it needed for? Vitamin D3 deficiency?Dosage and how to take vitamin D3?Side effects? When to take?
What is ZMA anyway? Intake of ZMA? What does ZMA do?Why should you take ZMA? Dosage of ZMA?
Fish oil? Fish oil can help burn fat.It can help build muscle.It reduces inflammation in joints.Improves insulin sensitivity and metabolism.Reduces cortisol and mental stress.For cardiovascular health.Faster recovery after training.Healthy hairHow much should one take?
Creatine? What is creatine? How does creatine work?What is creatine good for? Side effects of creatine? Taking creatine?Time of taking and how? What is the best creatine?
What is Beta Alanine? How does Beta Alanine work? Taking beta alanine?Side Effects of Beta Alanine? Powder or capsules?
L-glutamine? What is L-glutamine? How does L-glutamine work?What does L-glutamine bring? Side effects of L-glutamine?L-glutamine intake and dosage? What is the best L-glutamine?
BCAA what is it? What do BCAA take for? BCAA effect?BCAA how long to take? BCAA how long before exercise?When to take BCAA and how to dose BCAA?BCAA how many times a day? BCAA where included?Why BCAA after exercise?
What is aspartic acid anyway? What does supplementation do?Supplementation & Dosage? Side effects?
What is a booster? When should or can you use a booster?Disadvantages of a Training Booster?Are there other ways to achieve this effect?
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