John Carter

Cape Lazo

Cape Lazo, British Columbia: A Novel

Forced to move across Canada because of his father's illness, teenaged Peter initially resents his new home: Cape Lazo on Vancouver Island. It's a dull replacement for the bustle and excitement of Montreal.

Slowly, Peter is seduced by the natural spendor and easier pace of Cape Lazo and British Columbia. Soon he has new friends, a new perspective, and even a new Newfoundland dog.

Years later, Peter, now a globe trotting lawyer and living in Vancouver, reconnects with an old law school classmate, Annie Jarman. Their relationship will grow through various upheavals and challenges and continents. Amid the chaos in Peter's life, Cape Lazo softly calls, bekoning back, a gentle reminder of the distant past filled with beauty and tragedy, and with a promise of the future.

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