Gary Lovisi

The Great Detective: His Further Adventures

Sherlock Holmes! That magical name conjures up all that is thrilling and exciting about the classic mystery short story. The Great Detective, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is without doubt the most well-known and popular fictional character ever created--and with good reason. Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories are fascinating excursions into scientific detection with interesting, well-formed characters, offering intelligent, thoughtful mysteries that all men and women can relate to--and enjoy. Quite simply, Doyle created magic with his Sherlock Holmes stories.

Writers over the last hundred years have been desperately trying to capture and recreate that magic, and I feel that the authors in this book have done just that. Here are a dozen well-crafted stories (nine of them original to this book) by writers whose love of the original Holmes stories clearly show in their work. So sit back in your comfortable chair and let the fog of old Victorian London swirl around you. Once again, the game is afoot!

[Note: This book has been officially licensed from the Arthur Conan Doyle estate.]
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