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Ee Lin See


Armed with a copy of The Fine Art of Flirting, a stash of ';dirty books' and a precocious attitude, fifteen year old Pei Yi leaves her sheltered life in small-town Malaysia to accept an ASEAN scholarship at a secondary school in competitivesome might say kiasuSingapore. Not since Adrian Mole have the growing pains of a geeky teenager been so painfully exposed to the rest of us! In My Kiasu Teenage Life in Singapore, author Ee Lin See weaves a charming tale of teenage angst and exposes the lighter side of Singapore into the bargain. A great read for adults and teens alike.
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  • Maira Thornhar delt en vurderingfor 8 år siden
    👍Værd at læse

    It's realistic & i felt that i'm not the only one who feels lonely & crazy in a hostel!


  • Suffian Hakimhar citeretfor 9 år siden
    I’m finally in Singapore! It’s now 6.30 pm at Hua Zhong Hostel. I’m feeling miserable, lonely and lost. I’m staying in the hostel with other Malaysian students but we all attend Singaporean schools. Wish you were here as my roommate. I’ve just taken two photos of my room to show you what it looks like. The left half of the room is mine. The other side belongs to a Sec 2 ASEAN scholar named Nicole, who has been here for a year. She speaks English with a British accent. How intimidating. She has very long hair and she’s bigger and taller than me.

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