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Cyber Survival Manual

Cybersecurity experts present an accessible, informative, and fully illustrated guide to protecting yourself, your assets, and your loved ones online.
As we live more of our lives online, we need to be more aware of the risks we face—and what we can do to protect ourselves. We all know that our identities can be stolen, and that intellectual property can be copied and sold. But even scarier things are now possible. Vehicle systems can be hacked, our power grid can be sabotaged, and terrorists are getting more sophisticated by the day.
In The Cyber Attack Survival Manual, you learn hands-on tips and techniques for fighting back. Author Nick Selby, a police detective who specializes in busting cybercriminals, gathers a consortium of experts in digital currency, crimeware, intelligence, and more in order to share the latest and best security techniques.
The Cyber Attack Survival Manual covers:
Everyday security: How to keep your identity from being stolen, protect your kids, protect your cards, and much more.
Big Stories: Silk Road, Ashley Madison, FBI vs. Apple, WikiLeaks, Bitcoin, and what they mean to individuals and society at large.
Global issues: the NSA, how hackers can crash your car, and looming threats from China and elsewhere.
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