Sebastian Croft

How to Stop Procrastinating

Are you fed up getting to the end of your working day only to realize you’ve barely completed a single thing on your list?

Procrastination is a habit we are all susceptible to — but you don’t have to be. This book will teach you how to concentrate fully, focus with all your mind and complete your list of tasks quicker than you ever thought possible.

Procrastination might be one of the biggest temptations of our working life, but it doesn’t feel so great to give in to it. As the work piles up and the job isn’t done, the problem just gets worse as the hours go by. You can solve that awful cycle right here, right now, with this book.

Procrastination is not a character trait — it’s not something you simply have to put up with. You can train your mind to be vastly more productive with just a few seconds of effort each day. Start clearing that backlog immediately!

Changes you can make in seconds

This book is packed with small changes you can make instantly to boost your productivity and eliminate procrastination. Each one takes seconds or minutes but will have a profound effect on your focus levels.

Increase your focus daily

You don’t need to implement every change in this book all at once. Introduce a change each day, building up your concentration levels to heights you never thought would be possible. By the time you’re finished putting the changes into action, you’ll barely recognize your own working day!

Take the first step — create your focus space

This book will help you design a space in which you can focus completely and work to the very best of your ability. Discover:

• How lighting can play a huge part in your energy levels

• How noise can be your greatest enemy — or your greatest friend

• How to set up the best reminder system for your own mind.

Find out how to plan your day perfectly

Everyone is different, but that’s ok — the methods in this book are designed to help you adapt. Discover how to plan out your task list in the best way for you, including:

• How to plan in advance

• How to plan a single project

• How to split your day into manageable chunks.

Prepare your body and mind for success

It’s not just your brain that can support you through these changes and help you become super productive, it’s also your body. Learn how to use meditation, exercise and even diet and sleep to superpower your productivity.

Take charge of your mind — capture your own creativity

Your mind is a tool more powerful than any other at your disposal — so let’s make use of it. In this book, you will harness your own mental energies to work faster, harder and better. You will find out:

• How to catch your thoughts without interrupting your flow

• How to figure out your goals and address the ones that will have the biggest impact

• How to spot your own choke points.

Find out right now how to boost your productivity and banish procrastination forever

Reading this book will give you all the information you need to change your working day forever, turning the procrastination that has always plagued you into pure productivity and focus.

Boost your productivity today. Pick up your copy right now!
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