Haruki Murakami

Norwegian Wood

Giv mig besked når bogen er tilgængelig
Denne bog er ikke tilgængelig i streaming pt. men du kan uploade din egen epub- eller fb2-fil og læse den sammen med dine andre bøger på Bookmate. Hvordan overfører jeg en bog?
Denne bog er ikke tilgængelig i øjeblikket
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    windhar delt en vurderingsidste år
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    THE ENDING ASDFGJJKL. But yeah Murakami's work is truly good. And he really good at describing the character, I'm in love.

    wangtiahar delt en vurderingfor 5 år siden

    I don't know if this is good or bad, the quite normal story end up quite twisty. My first experience with Murakami might ended pretty good - the story itself got the beauty within a humble build of characters and life, yet I could feel the concerns, depth that developed within the characters. And I liked that.

    Rieza Fitramuliawanhar delt en vurderingfor 5 år siden
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    This could be the book , the one that I will bring to the post-apocalypse era.


    chiasamakihar citeretfor 5 år siden
    "I suppose I don't really understand you yet," I said. "I'm not all that smart. It takes me a while to understand things. But if I do have the time, I will come to understand you - better than anyone else in the world."
    Medionhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    "I broke up with him. Just like that." Midori put a Marlboro in her mouth, shielded it with her hand as she lit up, and inhaled.


    ""Why?'!" she screamed. "Are you crazy? You know the English subjunctive, you understand trigonometry, you can read Marx, and 313

    you don't know the answer to something as simple as that? Why do you even have to ask? Why do you have to make a girl say something like this? I like you more than I like him, that's all. I wish I had fallen in love with somebody a little more handsome, of course. But I didn't.

    I fell in love with you!"
    b9827615748har citeretfor 2 år siden
    But your problems are not going to continue for the rest of your life," I said, touching her back. "They'll end eventually. And when they do, we'll stop and think about how to go on from there. Maybe you will have to help me. We're not running our lives according to some account book. If you need me, use me.

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