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Patrick King

The Art of Witty Banter: Be Clever, Be Quick, Be Interesting – Create Captivating Conversation

Think quickly on your feet: be smooth, funny, and clever — all at once. Goodbye awkward silences, hello conversational agility!

No matter where you lie on the spectrum of awkward to engaging, witty banter is always the end goal — and it should be. Witty banter, and all the steps that lead to it, allows you to (1) disarm and connect with anyone, (2) immediately exit boring small talk mode, and (3) instantly build rapport like you’re old friends.

Flow with the conversational twists and turns like water.

The Art of Witty Banter carefully examines the art, nuance, and mechanics of banter and charm to make you witty comeback machine, the likes of which your friends have never seen. You’ll be able to handle, defend, disarm, and engage others in a way that makes you comfortable and confident with each growing day.

Transform “interview” conversations into comfortable rapport.

Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and Social Skills and Conversation Coach. As someone who teaches people to speak for a living, he’s broken wit and banter down to a science and given you real guidelines on what to say and when.

Make a sharp, smart, and savvy impression — every time.

There’s no guesswork here — you’ll get exact examples and phrases to plug into your daily conversations. 18 specific points to up your charisma quotient.

How will you be clever, be quick, and be interesting?

•Why the questions you use make people freeze.
How to master teasing, witty comebacks, and initiating jokes and humor.
•What free association is and how it makes you quick-witted.
How to create an instant “in-group” and inside joke with someone.
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    Learn how to:

    Make people comfortable
    Connect easily in any context
    Develop killer eye contact
    Prepare for any social situation
    Appear as intuitive as a mind reader
    Never run out of things to say
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    A good conversationalist’s talent is making sure the other person is comfortable. One crucial way to ensure the other person’s comfort is to be conscientious about making it easier for the other side to answer.
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    But if instead you said, “I saw Forrest Gump recently and it was pretty good,” it’s unlikely anyone will argue with you unless they truly hate Tom Hanks and feel-good movies
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