Allen Wier

A Place for Outlaws

A Place For Outlaws starts off as a family novel, as warmly evocative and intimate over time as an album of family photographs, and imperceptibly, turns into a shocker, grounded in subterfuge, perversity, and violence. The overall movement brings good and evil face-to-face in an unexpected way to contend for the soul of a woman then her son.
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    염준혁har citeretfor 2 år siden
    Julia understood the price that sometimes had to be paid for love. Julia’s mother, Vivian, had paid with her very life. Vivian had leakage of the heart. She had never been able to exert herself. Carrying Julia had taken all her strength. Vivian had her baby in her mother’s house, where she and her ne’er-do-well husband, George, had lived since they married. After Vivian gave birth, she never got out of bed. She could barely whisper, but she saved up enough strength to bequeath Julia to her younger sister, Annabelle, who was home from boarding school.

    Before Annabelle had been sent away to school (to see if

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