Frank Cowper

Christmas Eve on a Haunted Hulk

Attractively designed and illustrated by well-known cartoonist Seth (creator of several New Yorker covers, graphic novels, etc.)Small trim size and inexpensive price = perfect for register display. Attractive Seth-designed display for books ideal for register placement. Similar series of Xmas Ghost Stories by Galley Beggar Press have sold 30,000+ in UK. Canadian “trial run” of books showed approx. 1,000 copies sold of each book, even as a drop-in title sold into stores in late November w/o register placement. VERY STRONG response from media looking for “feel good” holiday news stories. Multiple angles: 1) reviving old tradition, 2) novel and appealingly counter-intuitive take on Christmas as a spooky time of year, 3) Seth well-known and respected, and does great interviews 4) perfect for quirky gift guide 5)Potential marketing to specialty shops, incl. comic book stores, Christmas gift storesStriking design and classic stories make the books appealing as collectiblesLast
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