Elaine Raco Chase

Calculated Risk (Romantic Comedy)

«Lady, I want you to stop seducing my son! Hell, what are you — thirty-two? thirty-four?

Rob is seventeen — there's room for a whole other person!»

In one of Nashville's poshest restaurants began a stream of threats against Stephanie Brandt along with a heavy hand mangling her shoulder, followed by a bill shoved into the middle of her dinner by a big man wearing work boots, denim and a T-shirt with an obscene foreign word printed on it.

Until Quintin Ward stormed into her life with his threats and accusations, Stevie had not known his son Rob even existed, let alone was her mailroom clerk.

When she's finally able to convince Quintin that she has no designs on his son, they embark on a campaign to squelch Rob's fantasy love-life with his boss.

But their very calculated risk — backfires!
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