Colburn Wilbur

Giving with Confidence

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“The pitfalls, potential, and the ins and outs of charitable giving . . . a must-read for all nonprofit leaders, donors, and students.”—Marjorie Schwarzer, award-winning author of Riches, Rivals, and Radicals
There are thousands of books that tell you how to get money, but few that cover something just as challenging: how to give money away. Giving with Confidence provides thoughtful guidance culled from decades of experience in the philanthropy world. Whether you are an individual who donates to your favorite charity or the head of a small to medium-sized foundation, the gentle practicalities of this book will enable you to manage your giving with effectiveness and personal satisfaction. By following its seven core principles, you will have what you need for “improving the reach, scope, and impact” of your contributions.
“Reveals the secret sauce of philanthropy with humor, wisdom, and plain good storytelling. This book is a gift for anyone who has considered giving.”—Ralph Lewin, president and CEO of Cal Humanities
“There is a ton of advice for the wealthiest givers, but none for those of us who give more than $5,000 but less than $75,000 per year. Here in a non-dogmatic style are some approaches and guidelines to make donors feel more effective. Thank you, Cole and Fred.”—Jan Masaoka, CEO of the California Association of Nonprofits
“[An] outstanding guide to creative and effective grantmaking, this time for the individual philanthropist.”—Dawn Hawk, program officer for the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
“Part up-to-date behind-the-scenes guide, part how-to, this potent little book distills the wisdom of a life’s work in philanthropy by one of our best thinkers and most devoted practitioners.”—Marilyn Bancel, author of Preparing Your Capital Campaign
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