Cera D. Colby

The Alpha's a Bitch

Bookworm. Sweet. Dependable. 
Stephanie Bennett was a well-loved, yet somewhat lonely and reserved, mobile veterinarian. With her busy work schedule,  she has no time for relationships.

Amnesiac. Injured. Lost. 
Jack/David finds Stephanie… literally by accident when she nearly runs him over on a Georgia back road out in the middle of nowhere. Severely injured, covered in scratches, gashes, bruises and blood she manages to get the stranger back to her home.

Scary. Sister. Stranger.
Ryder busts into Stephanie's house to retrieve her injured brother like a SWAT team on crack. In a matter of minutes, she reminds him of their intimate connection and recaps the anarchy now going on within their pack.

An unlikely couple
Pulled in different directions as two very different worlds collide, Stephanie once again finds herself alone as David leaves with Ryder. Haunted by the intimacy she immediately felt with David she wonders if they could have made the romance work?

Will he ever come back?

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