Albert Rutherford

The Art of Thinking Critically

Identify false information. Avoid getting tricked. Be quick-witted and insightful.

Would you like to ask the right questions, come up with strong arguments, detect biases and irrational reasoning but you don’t know how? The Art of Thinking Critically will help you with that! Using the latest analyses and best practices of some of the greatest thinkers, you can become a self-thought critical thinker who doesn’t accept things at face value. With the help of guided exercises, you will learn how to do your own research, think about information for yourself, and draw conclusions that stand true to you.

Avoid being manipulated.

Being surrounded by inaccurate and often misleading information can feel overwhelming. Become more astute and catch inconsistencies in others’ reasoning. Don’t be misled.

Learn to question, fact-check, and correct people without sounding offensive.

— How to self-educate to think more critically.— Equip yourself with good questions and ideas on how to think for yourself. — Break out of herd mentality.— Develop a structure to incorporate critical thinking practices in your life.Human beings are generally curious and wish to understand the world better. But many of us weren’t taught effective questioning techniques as children. We were not encouraged to form opinions and were scolded for being too curious. So we didn’t learn how to properly question and assess the information we hear, read, and how to think for ourselves. But you can absolutely change that! Also, educate your children to be better equipped with critical thinking skills.

Make better decisions. Don’t be gullible.
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    Questions lead us to make crucial developments in a variety of fields. They're at the heart of all human knowledge, because if we never asked questions, we would never find the answers
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    Thinking is not powered by the answers we're given, but by the questions we ask
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    Every statement in a textbook, in fact, is an answer to a question, but we never think about textbooks this way. Why? Because teachers often like to teach as much material as possible, as opposed to training students to thoughtfully engage with the things they learn

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