Cristina Rebiere

Free yourself from toxic relationships

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To live with fear in your stomach, no longer having confidence in yourself, having lost the joy of living, often feeling sadness and misunderstanding … is it really Living?

To love with the anxiety of not being up to the demands of the Other and sometimes receive only a few crumbs of “happiness” … is it really Loving?

You know that something is wrong, without being able to define it. Like a poison.

The memory of the person you were before fades away and you inexorably lose your bearings, your joy of living. Your memories, your contacts, your convictions are diluted little by little for the sole benefit of this person who is (maybe from a long time) in your life and claims to appreciate, to “love” you without really proving it for real … Isn’t it?

The periods of euphoria and happiness in his/her company are becoming scarcer, replaced by doubt, distress, despondency. What is happening to you is not normal, right? This is not how a healthy and lasting love relationship should unfold. You know it well, deep inside yourself … But you continue to doubt this reality, to hope for a change … which is slow in coming …

You no longer have the strength to react. You think you “deserve” somehow what is happening to you … You want it … The deep guilt you feel is too strong to objectively analyze the situation and make a life-saving decision. Then, you stagnate in your unhappiness, as a victim of a kind of paralysis which affects your soul and body. Where can all of this continuous pain come from?

From a toxic relationship.

Have you heard of “narcissistic perverts”? Maybe are you a victim of one of them?

You are certainly a prisoner of a manipulator who has taken possession of your life, your memory, your projects and has kept you away from the people you care about. Now, he or she monopolizes all your attention, your love, your vital energy and take pleasure in your torments, your mistakes, your induced weakness. You must accept this terrible situation: you have fallen into an almost unstoppable trap. This is not your fault.

Slowly, surely, patiently, she or he has abused you, questioned your beliefs, your values, deliberately sowing growing confusion in your mind. Your compassion, your sensitivity and your natural kindness have been his/her gateway, the confusion sown in you his/her weapon of predilection. He or she knows everything about you, but what do you know about this Other person you trust and still… love?

This little handbook explains your situation, what narcissistic perversion is, how to identify and protect yourself from a narcissistic pervert. It offers clear steps to get you out of this toxic relationship, to break free from this awful trap where you risk losing your mental and physical health, maybe even more.

You will also find, within, concrete ways to rebuild yourself.

You will succeed in getting out of this toxic relationship!

To love and live again. Truly.

Make the right decision now!
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