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Deep Learning With Python Illustrated Guide For Beginners & Intermediates

Deep Learning With Python Illustrated Guide For Beginners And Intermediates “Learn By Doing Approach”

Includes  Keras with Tensorflow Backend

Deep learning originates from a broader family of machine learning, including supervised and unsupervised learning

The python programming language is one of the most popular languages for programmers in the 21st century.

This programming language has been a fundamental cornerstone in a lot of technology we use today. -Things we take for granted on a daily basis. Developing both desktop and web applications, and more interestingly enough has been used to accomplish many artificial intelligence feats.

The world is constantly changing and evolving and it appears machine learning could be the way of the future! As we speak technology on a massive scale is being developed to replace mundane and repetitive tasks humans interface with everyday through the use of “deep learning”. Ultimately, this means less human errors and a more efficient ways of operating for many corporations.

You can potentially become the next big start-up! Develop software, web development tools and many more online ventures!

Companies That Use Python Currently








Why Programmers Choose To Use Python?

Readable & Maintainable Code

Dynamic Type System

Compatible with Major Platforms and Systems

Robust Standard Library

Simplifies Complex Software Development

Test Driven Development

Highly Sought After Skill-Set For Employers

Invest in your knowledge base by buying your copy right now. The greatest investment you can make is an investment in yourself! Python will pave the road of technological advancements and very much so shape the world we live in. Become apart of this global progression towards advanced technology through the use of “deep learning”.

What You'll Learn

 What is deep learning

Theory of Artificial Neural Network

Artificial Neural Network with Keras       

Image Classification with Convolutional Neural Network

Environment Setup

Natural Language Processing

Evaluating and Tuning the ANN

Sequence Modeling

And, much, much more!

By the end of this book you will have grasped the fundamentals of python programming & deep learning! There is also illustrations to go along to help you understand and retain the info on a much more profound level. Picture diagrams have scientifically proven to accelerate the learning process by over 120%!

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