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What would it be like to become a confident person and a great conversationalist? How do you get past the paralyzing fear that grips you every time you want to talk to a group of people? Wouldn’t it be nice to be at the center of attention for once? If you want to overcome your shyness, take charge of your social life professionally and personally, then read this book. Confidence: Simple, Proven Methods to Manage Anxiety and Shyness, and Transform Your Personal and Professional Life explores social anxiety in depth and provides practical tips that will transform your life.

Anxiety and shyness go hand in hand. If you suffer from acute shyness, you are not alone. There are millions of people all over the world who share the same problem. It is a general knowledge that people who suffer from acute shyness tend to live a lonely life, isolated from friends and family. And even those who manage to come out of their shells are only ever really themselves with a handful of people. This doesn’t have to be the case with you. What you are holding right now has the power to change your story.

This book is not about a magical formula that can instantly transform you from shy Sean to Brazen Boris overnight. It is based on sound psychological principles that have been applied in regular scenarios by shy people. Each step is detailed and outlined in very uncomplicated terms. While the results vary in degree, the final outcome is an experience of increased confidence in the individual and a more positive outlook on life.

There are many proven ways to overcome shyness and this book addresses the most effective methods. From discovering the real reasons behind your shyness to uncovering mental barriers that keep you from living a fulfilling confident life, this book is designed to peel back the layers of myths and facts about shyness and put you in charge of your life. In this book, you will understand

The key factors that influences your anxiety and makes you incredibly shy

5 reasons why being shy actually makes you a better person

How to cope with anxiety in stressful situations

Ways you can make yourself relevant in the workplace

How to overcome shyness in social settings

This book is not just another self-help manual to swipe off the shelf and store at the bottom of your magazine rack. It explores scientifically proven methods of coping with social anxiety using simple and easy to follow steps that can be applied to day to day scenarios. Essentially, if you are ready to meet the super confident new you, buy this book today and turn over to the next stage to begin your journey!
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