Emma Darcy

The Incorrigible Playboy

Billionaire Harry Finn's reputation is legendary; formidable in business, charming to beautiful women. What he wants, he gets, and top of his list is secretary Elizabeth Flippence.
One month working together on the luxurious Finn Island resort is more than enough time for Harry to sweep this uptight office beauty from behind her desk and into his bed, on the beach and wherever else he decides!
Elizabeth isn't content to be just another conquest. But there's an unknown side to her incorrigible playboy boss that's even more dangerous than his devastating smile….
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  • fatimahj07har delt en vurderingfor 4 år siden

    Finn's Fisheries - fish are sentient beings. Imagine this: trawlers rake the ocean floor, seizing multiple species without giving a damn, dumping them into a cold, waterless storage facility where they suffocate to death. Absolutely cruel - we need to become more aware of our actions and consequences, stop focusing on just ourselves...

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