Margit Sandemo

The Ice People 25 – The Angel

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From an early age, Tula Backe realized that she was different from everyone else: she was one of the Ice People’s stricken. She did not use her extraordinary gifts solely for good purposes, and her secret was revealed because an evil power, much stronger than her, had devilish plans for her. It was Tengel the Evil who had chosen Tula to be the one to wake him from his long slumber …
Denne bog er ikke tilgængelig i øjeblikket
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Oprindeligt udgivet
Anna Halager
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  • brucecaicahar citeretfor 5 år siden
    work, just as surprised as everybody else.

    The sheriff was bound to reach the conclusion that Count Posse had been killed by a stray shot – perhaps from a poacher in the forest?

    The rifle was loaded. Olle Creep took his position by a small peephole up in the hayloft.

    The estate owner was coming ... that snooty devil of a judge. Now Olle Creep would get even with him! He would get revenge for every year he had slogged, every single stone he had carried ...

    A little farther into the field! There! Perfect! Now you’re about to die, my friend! Olle’s finger was bent, ready to fire a shot.


    Olle started. A small shadow had appeared behind a pillar and he heard laughter.

    “I frightened you, didn’t I?” Tula laughed. “You didn’t see me at all!”

    Olle Creep cursed silently as he tried to hide the rifle, which wasn’t easy.

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