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So, you have just found out that you are pregnant and expecting a newborn baby? Wonderful!

In a few months, you will meet the little angel that will become the center of your whole world. You are about to embark on a unique adventure, which will transform not only your body but also your personality. It's a really strange feeling, isn't it? Both exciting and terrifying, thrilling and overwhelming. And then comes childbirth – that ultimate miracle of life. Your life will change forever once you leave that delivery room. That's guaranteed. And then what?

What you need is the expert advice and valuable parenting tips from this comprehensive, step-by-step guide that can answer all your possible questions.

This world-class guide to pregnancy, birth and life with a newborn is absolutely indispensable for mothers-to-be. Offering you detailed information about every aspect of your experience, you will find it the next best thing to calling your doctor!

Upon reading the first pages of this detailed guide for new mothers, you will find yourself being reassured and comforted by the honest, down-to-earth advice. You will be able to navigate yourself through pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, avoiding mistakes and perfectly preparing your body and soul for this amazing experience. Broken down in three key-sections; pregnancy, birth and motherhood, it will provide you with an expert insight of the various situations you will find yourself. Especially if you are expecting for the first time, this elite book is a necessity.

In this all-inclusive book for expecting mothers, you will learn:

What to expect when you are expecting – changes that all women's bodies go through during pregnancy and what is going on inside your womb.
What it actually feels like to be pregnant, go into labor and deliver a baby.
What you should be doing during pregnancy to ensure that your baby is healthy when he or she arrives – an expecting mother's diet and exercises… and habits you should avoid.
Methods to make delivering a baby as easy as possible, whether you decide to use natural childbirth, C Section, or assisted delivery.
What to ask your OB and determining the sex of your baby.
What your spouse can do to help you during pregnancy, labor and after the baby is born.
What types of maternity clothes are the most comfortable and practical.
What you should do to prepare for your baby ahead of time – what types of baby gear and nursery items are essential to have BEFORE your baby is born.
Everyday things every mother must know how to do, like breastfeeding tips, how to feed a baby, changing diapers and burping a baby.

Your life is going to change forever. Why not be prepared?

If you are looking for the perfect gift for pregnant women, then you should look no further!

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