Douglas Adams

Life, the Universe and Everything

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The unhappy inhabitants of planet Krikkit are sick of looking at the night sky above their heads so they plan to destroy it. The universe, that is. Now only five individuals stand between the white killer robots of Krikkit and their goal of total annihilation.
They are Arthur Dent, a mild-mannered space and time traveler, who tries to learn how to fly by throwing himself at the ground and missing; Ford Prefect, his best friend, who decides to go insane to see if he likes it; Slartibartfast, the indomitable vicepresident of the Campaign for Real Time, who travels in a ship powered by irrational behavior; Zaphod Beeblebrox, the two-headed, three-armed ex-head honcho of the Universe; and Trillian, the sexy space cadet who is torn between a persistent Thunder God and a very depressed Beeblebrox.
How will it all end? Will it end? Only this stalwart crew knows as they try to avert «universal» Armageddon and save life as we know it and don’t know it!
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Assyl Zhakupov
Assyl Zhakupovhar citeretfor 3 måneder siden
“I don't like the wine very much,” said Arthur sniffing it.
“Well, send it back. It's all part of the mathematics of it.”
Arthur did so. He didn't like the topography of the waiter's smile, but he'd never liked graphs anyway.
Alexandra Serebryakova
Alexandra Serebryakovahar citeretfor 2 år siden
There seemed to be girls sitting on top of them, or maybe they were meant to be angels. Angels are usually represented as wearing more than that, though.
josuedr11har citeretfor 4 år siden
Another world, another day, another dawn.

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