Billionaire Romance: The Billionaires Obsession Erotica Billionaire Love Story

Russell was moving his fingers very fast now and Mandy was about to go out of her mind. Moaning uncontrollably, her head lolled on her shoulders and her eyes closed but she could still hear Russell quite clearly. Surely what she heard couldn't be right, though. Was he really on the phone with a client? “Watch me close this deal with this guy,” he whispered feverishly. “Not only that, but I will close him while I make you cum the hardest you ever have in your life.”… Russell took the client off mute and began to talk to him once more in that excited and demanding sort of tone. His other hand began to vibrate against Mandy's little rosebud of pleasure. There was no stopping her now. Moaning uncontrollably, she moved her hips rhythmically against Russell's hand as his fingers explored her deeply… “I did it!” Russell yelled. “I closed that guy and finished you off at the same time! Now what more proof do you need that my way is the best and only way of doing business?”…
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