Jane Austen

Love and Friendship

A witty epistolary tale from the beloved author of Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.
Written in the late 1700s to entertain her family and published posthumously as part of her Juvenilia, Jane Austen’s Love and Friendship is presented in the form of letters exchanged between the heroine, Laura, and the daughter of her friend Isabel, Marianne. In an effort to guide Marianne through the pitfalls of life, Laura relates her own hilarious misadventures—from her quick marriage to the rebellious son of a baronet to an exciting journey to Scotland with her best friend.
Love and Friendship “showcases Austen’s humor and wit. From these early writings, we can see Austen working toward the literary masterpieces that readers continue to love nearly 200 years after her death” (Diary of an Eccentric).
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